All shipping and delivery charges and applicable sales taxes are in addition to the price displayed on the Website. Customs and brokerage fees, if any, are the responsibility and may be collected by a third party.

V.A.P.S. INC makes its deliveries through PUROLATOR messenger service as well as other similar businesses. The delivery time (after notification) can be from 1 to 10 business days for most major metropolitan centers. The delivery time for rural or remote areas may be longer and / or require that the customer picks up the parcel at a service point. Any additional delivery charges will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

All goods shipped by V.A.P.S. INC are not insured and the risks inherent to transportation and delivery are borne by the customer. For information only, PUROLATOR insures the merchandise it delivers up to $ 100. Additional insurance can be purchased by the customer, at his discretion and at the time of placing the order.

The estimated cost for delivery and “free delivery” of merchandise excludes delivery to the Northwest Territories, Yukon, Newfoundland, Labrador, Nunavut, as well as some rural and remote areas. Any order placed from a location in Canada designated as rural will be reviewed by our staff and you will be notified of any additional shipping costs before we proceed to ship the goods.

For information purposes only

Orders with a value of less than $199.00CAD before taxes, the following transportation and handling charges apply (with the exception of items with special handling);
Quebec: $ 17.95 Or Variable rates
Canada: $ 17.95 (excluding above the mentionned regions) Or Variable rates
Continental United States: Variable rates

Orders with a value over $249.00 CAD before taxes;  shipping and handling is FREE (except for special handling items) for Quebec ONLY (excluding the regions mentioned above)